Recombination system for OPzS batteries

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When using recombination system  for OPzS batteries, hydrogen and oxygen which evolve during the decomposition of water are introduced into the recombination plugs. Thanks to the integrated catalyst, these gases are recombined in the form of water vapor which condenses on the sides of the closure caps. The resulting water drops flow down and are returned to the battery.


Efficiency up to 99%!

The use of premium top V recombination plugs considerably reduces ventilation requirements (according to standard EN 50272-2 / DIN VDE 0510).

Lack of maintenance

The recombination of hydrogen and oxygen is an exothermic process in which heat is released.

With sealed batteries, this recombination takes place inside at the level of the negative electrodes. The increase in temperature inside sealed batteries leads to reduced life effects, especially at the electrodes. To minimize these negative side effects, the operation of sealed batteries is subject to various limitations.

When AquaGen is used, recombination does not take place in the active components (electrodes) but in the battery.

The AquaGen is mounted on the battery as an external component. This prevents any rise in temperature inside the battery. The separation of the recombination process from the active components of the battery allows the absence of maintenance, as for sealed batteries, without reducing the life expectancy and without any restriction on the operation of the battery.


  • Integrated catalyst 
  • Integrated bidirectional valve
  • Integrated flame barrier 
  • Integrated absorber


  • Reduces battery maintenance
  • Reduced ventilation requirements -> savings on air conditioning system 
  • Maximized efficiency in sealed batteries 
  • No gas or aerosol leaks
  • Reduced risk of explosion 
  • Works over the entire life of the battery